A Shooter Game of the Ages

Computer games keep being poured out into the industry every couple of months with dozens of high title shooters around peak seasons in the same months. The shooter category of computer games is enormous with a wealth of options and game styles. From single player campaign story-driven games to online multiplayer storyless games such as CSGO. CSGO stands for Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It is an online game that has been around for around ten years in different iterations. The game remarkably is still one of the most successful games being played constantly all over the world. The game has ten million unique players each month and at any given time there are around six hundred thousand players online engaged in heated rapid gameplay. It is really unique for a shooter game to have such a legacy lasting a decade and going beyond. The game mechanics are still very similar from its first iteration and although the game has enjoyed huge changes with advances in software and hardware, the maps and objectives still have many early references, or same map names and weapons.

Counter-Strike also has a prolific betting and gambling industry. Players watch and bet on live matches streamed over the internet and certain television channels. And because the game is on the Steam platform it allows fans and players to create content that gets into the game. Content can be maps and weapons design, and the game rewards its creators if there is enough of a demand for their items in extremely lucrative payment. The game also has many weapon designs that can be swapped within the Steam community or on various other sites where players can bet money on in-game weapons designs (referred to as ‘skins’) against each other. The tournaments at elite levels also boast huge prize pools with young players earning fortunes and fame playing their favourite online shooter game.

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