Dealing with Trolls in Online Shooter Games

Online shooters are big in the computer gaming world, with millions of daily players and individual games having around five thousand players consistently throughout the day and night globally.

In the online world of gaming, trolls are especially a problem. Across the internet, trolls make crude, hurtful comments and posts and are aimed at getting people worked up.

When it comes to online gaming people take the game seriously, putting in a lot of concentration and practice and, given the nature of online shooters, there is often a teamwork component. This allows online trolls to wreak absolute havoc in games, ruining it not just for one person but everyone on their team.

==How to deal with a troll==
If you are playing your online shooter and are being ‘trolled’ the best thing to do is to ignore them. Fighting back, shouting, arguing, and swearing at them only make the experience better for them. They want to get people worked up, they want to make you hate them and get angry. By being angry and showing it to them you give them exactly what they want.

You have a choice that you can make, either you ignore them and make the best of a terrible situation or you fight back and let them win getting them exactly what they want. These are often players’ only option as in many shooter online games quitting a game midway can result in lengthy bans that add up accumulatively. If you ignore a troll often they will eventually give up and stop or go to someone else. Also look up how to block certain people/players before you start a game –
especially if it’s a new game.

Online shooters often need players to be in constant communication with VOIP to communicate team commands, calling sighting of enemy positions etc. Trolls will sometimes play over their mics at deafening volume noisy or disturbing sounds. Rather be prepared than not be able to hear anything in the game. Alternatively, many games have a mute option that can be used on specific players.

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