DotA2 – a Betting Game

DotA2 is one of the most widely played video games in the world. Naturally, there is a lot of money at stake and a huge amount of betting available. DotA2 is a free-to-play game which is played online in a multiplayer format with many players on teams. DotA2 is the follow-up game to DotA – which stands for Defence of the Ancients. The way the game is played is in teams of two, each consisting of five players. Both teams are situated in a different region of the battle arena. Each individual player possesses a very powerful character which is termed the ‘hero’. ‘Heroes’ are different having unique abilities and demand different styles of play. In the course of a game, a player along with the effort of their team reap ‘experience points’ as well as sought after items for their heroes who can help in the battle to break through the enemy’s fortifications. The enemy team’s base is referred to by players as the ‘Ancient’.

In elite level competitions, the prize pools for players are in the millions of Dollars. In fact, it is the single highest paying e-sport currently. The games are streamed live on various internet sites. Due to the success of the game, there is a lot of physical merchandise available for fans. The game is also made in such a way that players and fans can create maps and various aspects of the game that will be played.

When betting there is a choice of three ways that bets can be placed. Either with real money, game items (in the game) or play money. Thus ensuring something for everyone who wants to get into the world of DotA2 betting. Gambling in video games is still fairly new, especially over gaming tournaments. Given enough research and understanding of the game’s many nuances it should be possible to make huge sums of money.