How to not get carried away playing shooter games

Online shooter games rightfully have a reputation for being super addictive. Their fast pace, their level of competition, the heated nature of shooter games, and ranking system all add to the addictive nature of the games. Players have pride in their rankings and will boast about it amongst fellow gaming buddies.

For many gamers though they find themselves in the dilemma of wanting to play their favourite game but without suffering the effects of spending too much time or energy on it. Some gamers try to cut back on their gaming hours in order to have more time for other tasks and activities, but this is not always necessary.

Many gamers could enjoy playing the same about of time or even more time if they worked hard on their time management skills. Before cutting back on your gaming hours take a serious look at all the activities you spend time on including your gaming and see which other non-essential tasks you can cut back on or most importantly where you are wasting time. You can either use that time on your game or do the chores or work that you are falling behind on.

Something you can do when you find yourself getting too worked up during a game is to remind yourself that it is just a game and that it’s not worth stressing over in-game fights. It will only leave you feeling tired and with less energy to spend on the other things in your life. You can also focus on real-life achievements and not get carried away worrying about losing your rank, de-ranking and having to spend huge amounts of time on it to get your old rank back. This way you can play and enjoy your game and might actually find it more rewarding and pleasant.