Shooter Games with a Good Story

When it comes to shooter games in the video game genre, a common criticism is that they are all about shooting and lack any good story. The story component of games for many gamers is an instant deal breaker. What makes a shooter have a good story?

Well that depends on who you ask. Different gamers have different taste but when a story in a game is well constructed and consistent with character development it can enhance the other features of the game. The story component of shooters is of much importance. If the game studio invests large sums of money in getting teams of professional storytellers to create a story, features such as good graphics of the characters in the game are made to feel even more lifelike. However, some games have made the mistake and learnt the hard way.

Focussing on good graphics but neglecting the story can be detrimental to the sales of the game and the enjoyment of the players. Shooter games that are notable for their excellent story include Bioshock, Metro, and FarCry to name just a few. Shooters with good stories are also those which have multiple possible endings depending on actions taken in the game. This means that players can replay the entire game from the beginning. A key feature in shooter games and their stories is the ability to play an active role in what different characters do and how they interact with one another. These decisions can often involve situations in which the player’s character is forced into a moral dilemma while often being pressed for time to make a decision. This added factor makes it more intense for the player. This is compared to reading a thriller or watching where you are just passive and the action unfolds at whatever pace was set for it by the writer or director. In computer games, one is forced to make decisions while being pushed by the seconds and often having to madly mash away at the keys to make their decision quickly, or their health in the game runs out.

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