Why are shooter games so popular?

Shooters games are continually churned out year after year, decade after decade. Despite novel types of games, shooters have enjoyed a lot of time in the limelight of this industry. One point that must be mentioned, is that shooter games are very similar to another extremely popular entertainment source – action movies. It may just be that it is an easy crossover to go from enjoying action movies and then playing shooting games.

There is also the cultural component in many western, and even some developing countries, especially for boys, and it is normal to play with toy guns so when they grow up and play computer games, shooters may be a very natural choice. Shooter games have also been played throughout multiple generations, and represent some of the early games available on older generation consoles. Furthermore, more modern versions of the same games are available on newer consoles. In addition, other games such as puzzle games may be too different compared to what gamers are used to from playing them on older model consoles.

Shooters are also a type of video game that lends itself well to playing in an angry state, making the gamer even angrier sometimes, whereas for some, it is just a really good stress reliever.

Shooters have been getting increasingly complex with a game such as CSGO. These sort of games are very technical and change spray patterns on guns from time to time, leading gamers to have to re-learn how to shoot their favourite gun, or find a new one. The reward dynamics are designed to keep players returning to their shooter games. The games award players with points and ranks. Friends also often invite each other to join a game. Many new players are introduced to shooting games by their friends, and continue to play as it is something for friends to do together.

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